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Jan 31, 2013 9:00pm PST
this wasorm pulling you to the river. >>reporter: now let us pull you captain steve doesn't have a dream job. it's one of a kind job. that's a signature call from 265 foot long huge riff steam boat old technology in new form. >> i think she lost a lot of and a half gate by the seat of the pachbilitys new technology and gps and sharp navigation. newer people don't know how the old people did it. >>reporter: it's a tourist attraction yes but discerning one get away from the superbowl crowds. escape in space and time. 7 miles down and 7 miles back over some of the deepest water of the mississippi. this is no digital rendition that is a giant paddle wheel turning the 16 rpm driven by steam engine so old that it came from another boat in previous century. >> when you start into a job and you like what you do then i guess you can make it life long. >> frankly the working of the antique machine fascinated us. like a living they think. closed system with two boilers for hearts. crew named them thelma and lieu bees because they are so temperamental. >> the glass you can see fire in it. fire p
Feb 1, 2013 9:00pm PST
the 9ers were in a superbowl san francisco routed san diego steve young threw a record 6 touch down passes today the hall of fame quarterback talked to larry. >> 18 years after certain somebody won a superbowl for the san francisco 49ers. it has been too long for the red and gold. >> well, just saying. that i regret 98. i regret 92. it's like you think of the things that you came close to. so grateful forever 94 and great year. the run we had at the time. look back. man we were so close so many times grit to see the 49ers back. >> what is your gut tell but a guy making the tenth start and it's the superbowl. >> well either he's obviously very talented we get that. so i don't want, no diminishing that. think also put in context without the history. i asked him when i talked to him have you been hit hard. no. have you been physically contested anywhere. like no. so we know that is coming. we know that can't stay that way. real question is can they can they take advantage of this bridge. this beautiful gold bridge that has been built by the pistol offense. wrinkle that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2